Crossfit is training program that builds conditioning and strength through challenging and varied workouts. Each day the workout will challenge a different part of your functional conditioning or strength, not specializing in one particular thing, but with the goal of building overall fitness.

Crossfit is designed for universal scalability. What that means is that there is only one workout prescribed every day for everybody (you’ll often see this written as Rx'ed). Rather than having one workout for hardcore athletes and another for older women – there’s ONE workout each day that is completely scalable based on your abilities. For example, if the prescribed workout calls for 165 pound squats but you can only squat the bar, then that’s where you’ll start. If you’re injured and can’t do squats at all, a similar movement will be substituted. In addition, if the number of reps is too many for your current ability, the coach will reduce them to a more suitable amount. As you get more experienced and stronger you’ll work your way towards eventually doing the workouts as prescribed (Rx'ed).

Crossfit Classes

Regular Crossfit Class:  A regular crossfit class is generally anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour in length. A typical class starts with a dynamic warm up, followed by a strength or skill set. The remainder of the class is dedicated to the WOD (Workout Of the Day), which can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 45 minutes.
Crossfit Mobility / Yoga:  This class focuses on releasing the muscles and joints involved in CrossFit movements. The class follows a format similar to "yin yoga". This class is currently offered Sunday at noon.
Max Out Friday: Max Out Friday's is a time where you can come in and test any one of your lifts. Coach Sil will be every Friday night to give out tips to help you PR (bet your Personal Record). 
Caution: Only 1 lift at a time. This is in order to avoid burnouts and still be able to continue regular programming. This class is currently offered Friday night at 7pm.
Open Gym:  During Open Gym hours athlete's are encouraged to come in and work on any of their skills that need improving or do any extra workouts. There will always be a coach around the gym and typically other athletes there practicing their own skills.

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