Every Rep Counts

  • By Sil Bona
  • 01 Dec, 2017

Do It Right

We've all heard coaches yell out "one more rep", or "every rep counts" during an AMRAP. Sometimes this gets us going and we listen, other times we can't hear them because we're so in the zone, and still other times all we can think of is shut the "F" off. So why is every rep so darn important? Well there are several reasons and some relate to your fitness goals, while others may relate to your personal goals. In terms of fitness goals, it's simple. The more work we do in a given amount of time, the more fit we become. If we consistently do more quality reps, we get faster, stronger, and that dreaded conditioning goes through the roof. Consistency is key!

However, there are other reasons why it's important to focus on every rep. First, by focusing on the quality of each rep we limit the potential of injury. Moving well also increases our efficiency and therefore able to do more work with less "pain". Focusing on the number and movement also takes your mind off how much a workout may or may not suck, and by shifting your thoughts to how awesome you're moving, you're able to motivate yourself to push harder. I've seen many N6 athletes go through this process. It's strange watching some of you as a coach because it's almost as if your facial expressions tell a story, and many of you express it well. 

The most important thing about valuing every rep is the carryover to life. My biggest pet peeve is seeing people quit a workout with 5 to 10 seconds left, when they know they can get a few more reps. They've been moving well, working hard with a great pace and simply watch the clock and quit. If that's you, well, shit happens and I've been there. It may be that you've had a tough day at work, or at home and just don't have the emotional energy to push through those last few reps. But there's a  huge correlation between our mindset and those last reps. If we stop with 5 seconds left in a workout, what else to we give up on early? When things get tough in life, do we tend to spearhead through them or sandbag the scenario? You see, it's much more then a few reps, it's an entire mindset and the mental exercise of really pushing through, using a heavier weight when you know you can, finishing strong in a tough workout, and focusing on moving with integrity transfers over to many things in life. It's been said that "Good Enough is the Death of Greatness" and just getting it done, although there are days when that's all you've got, is truly the enemy. So get in, go hard, and let your attitude in the gym make you a better version of yourself outside of the gym. 


Coach Sil

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