Keto Week 1

  • By Sil Bona
  • 20 Nov, 2017

Week One of High Fat Low Carb

It's been a week of the Keto diet and it's been a ride for sure. There's so much to focus on and I realized that if I try and just keep it simple, i'll be better off. First thing I want to comment on is that eating high fat is not too bad. Most people think who start say it's really hard but honestly, with some prep work, and the addition of oils like Fish oil, MCT and my go to Bulletproof coffee, I'm good. I was able to hit my macro percentages as well as my caloric intake within an couple of days.

How did I feel? Well this is a funny question. I felt great and terrible at the same time. Let me explain. At first, going form eating dozens of halloween candy to taking out carbs completely, I felt lethargic, tired groggy, you name it. After getting some more energy from my fats, I started to feel more mentally clear, and had a lot of energy as the day went on.

What about working out without all those carbs? At first workouts felt hard, and I felt noxious, and dizzy during the first couple of intense workouts. After taking some BCAA's and putting pink Himalayan Salt in my water, I was able to stay better hydrated and the dizziness went away. When you're on a high fat and low carb diet, your body has a difficult time holding water and with the addition of salt, I was better able to stay hydrated. My previous workouts felt good and I had plenty of energy. It took about 4-5 days to get through the crappy part of the ordeal but now that I'm seven days in and I feel good.

There were several things that really helped me stay on track and get through the tough fist week any new approach to eating brings. First, that darn bulletproof coffee in the morning was key. Great tasting, full of energy and filling, this coffee saved me from snacking on crap. Lunches were simple. This is huge because if I tried to complicate my food I know I'd fail. Here's an example: 1/2 Sliced Tomato, Baby Cucumber, 20 g Feta Cheese, 20 grams of Marble Cheddar Cheese, some meat (steak). Dinners were also simple, with some sort of meat source on top of a spinach salad filled with nuts, seeds, oils, and cheese. Repeating meals, and meal styles helped a lot. If you're on a meal guide, with shopping lists, it makes it even easier. However, you really need to take a couple of hours, and prep your food to ensure that you don't slip up.

I know feel like I'm over the hump as my energy levels are up, my cravings for chocolate especially are down and I'm able to hit a daily workout without a problem. Mental clarity and productivity has also improved, which allows me to get work done efficiently, reduce procrastination and feel FREE. No more things hanging over my head; the to do list is all checked off.

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