Wrist Pain in the Over Head Position

  • By Sil Bona
  • 22 Oct, 2017

Wrist Pain in the Over Head Position

Do you dread over head work? I certainly do sometimes as it tends to cause some serious discomfort in my wrists, especially if I haven't gone heavy overhead for a while. So what causes this uncomfortable and sometimes painful feeling? Most likely it has to do with a lack of strength in your wrist. When we lack stability in our writs, we tend to extend them, thus putting an incredible amount of pressure on our forearm extenders. This causes us to have shooting pain down our forearm and we usually tend to feel some mean pain in our writs. So how do we fix this? Here are several ways that you can treat this nagging and annoying problem. 

1. Mobilize your writs with dynamic stretches before lifting. 

2. Ensure that your writs are in a good and strong position (you'll see what I mean by this in the link to the video provided below)

3. Ensure that your shoulders have good range of motion by utilizing dynamic stretches before you lift, and static stretches after lifting. 

4. A quick fix is simply to use writ wraps. This will NOT fix the problem but they will provide stability and help alleviate some of the discomfort.

5. Lift often. If you only go overhead once every two weeks, you're not going to have the wrist strength required for heavy overhead lifts.

All the above five points will help, however the position of your writs and shoulders while going overhead is what's going to have long term effects and with consistency, solve your problems. 

HERE'S THE VIDEO discussing propper positions.  ---  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMNoShmdZ5s
Thanks to Coach Seb for helping with the demo. 


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