Barbell WORK

  • By Sil Bona
  • 27 Aug, 2017


Hey guys, today we're working on a conditioning workout with just the barbell. Some people come in asking; "do you guys do cardio?" Well this is my idea of cardio. We lift weights to get strong, and build lean strong muscle, but we also just lift lighter weight and do cardio LOL. Most of you know what I mean. So the purpose of today's workout which you'll see on you Sugar WOD account, is simply Barbell Cardio. Move that bar fast and i'll help you to choose a weight that you can move well, efficiently and fast. 
I know you all like to lift but the kicker today is that we're doing 4 burpees every min on the min. So you can cycle that barbell all you want but remember the when the clock, beeps, we're doing 4 burpees. Should be fun, 

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