• By Silviu Bona
  • 14 Sep, 2017



I really can't believe how much of an impact CrossFit has on people. I know it's certainly changed my life but I honestly fail to see how much of a difference it's made on our N6 Athletes. For example, we have certain people who are so driven and others who are what I'd like call silent assassins. They don't say much but their consistency and intensity is unquestionable. 

Today I had a client show up 5 min late to a class because she didn't think she'd be able to make the workout. She's a 1st year teacher and being evaluated. If you've ever taught in the system, evaluations are so darn stressful, even though the union is so strong no matter what you do doesn't really matter. However teachers really give a shit! They care about doing the best they can do on any given day and if they're working out at N6 you bet they are bad mofos who don't half ass anything in life. Think about that for a second........ When you put in the work in the gym, respect integrity and virtuosity in workouts that truly transfers over to life. 

Now this lady came in feeling bad that she was late and ended up crushing a workout that I honestly didn't expect she would do; especially after a long and hard day of work and prep work. Why am I even talking about this? Consistency, and hard work are always going to be my go to for the keys to success. No matter how hard your day is, or how difficult life gets, get your shit together and simply be consistent. It's passed 12am in the morning and I've been coaching since 6am this morning. But don't let your circumstances dictate your ability to put in work and succeed. I can stay up for 24 hours and write, respond to emails, program, etc... Why? I gots some skillz! I'm currently listening to some amazing worship music, and been working for 18 hours today with a nice 1 hour nap as a rest. However the main reason I can keep going is because of the over 100 members at N6 that come in with a bunch of personal struggles, and still kick ass daily in workouts. You guys have no idea what others are going through. 

I'm like a big sponge absorbing people's sorrows, struggles, and issues on a daily basis. When I see those same people who have it hard but continue to move well, and destroying workouts that hurt so bad it motivates me to be a better dad, husband, coach, business owner and person. If you guys haven't connected with people on a personal level at the gym get to it. Once you understand the people that work around you it really gives you perspective and it will motivate you to continue with your dedication. 


Coach Sil

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