• By Sil Bona
  • 10 Sep, 2017

You have to Fail to Succeed

This may sound like a silly title, and you're probably wondering why does coach want me to fail? Well if you've worked with me in the past, you know that my goal is to make every person fail. Fail at a lift, fail in a workout, and fail at certain movements. Why? Well that's why you have a coach. It's way more efficient to give you advice once I see why you failed a lift then try and catch you with a bunch of verbal cues. Once I see you really fail, we can work on positions, bar path, engagement of certain muscle groups, and especially the mental game.

When I get to a challenging lift, I close my eyes, picture on of my kids laughing hysterically and I become rejuvenated. This approach to the mental game helps me succeed more often then not. But when you don't push the envelope, you're failing. Now if you've worked with me you already know that weightlifting is mainly time spent dealing with failure. You also know that  if you have a great coach, failure pays off. Once we see why you fail, we can change one thing at a time and simply get better. 

Think about this! If you apply these principles to life, you will be a better father, mother, husband, wife, sister, brother etc... I think you get the point. So don't be afraid of failure, instead strive to push the limits and get uncomfortable. Step outside of your comfort bubble and be a better version of yourself. Be careful however not to overextend yourself as I'm extremely guilty of this. Find that balance and be brave and be that badass I know you can be. 


Coach Sil

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