Landing the Snatch

  • By Sil Bona
  • 25 Aug, 2017


Catching a snatch can be a little nasty. I'm at the gym right now with 3 lovely ladies and we're working on receiving the snatch in the bottom position. I know this may sound like a dirty intro if you're not an actually a lifter but honestly, it's a real issue. Most beginners have a difficult time adjusting to the over head squat and thus the catch of the snatch.
  Our bodies are magnificent and created brainily, and as such they adapt to any situation they are put in until our brain says stop. Most start learning the Olympic lifts and they compensate for their lack of mobility and end up finishing in bad positions. I've seen this for years and it's honestly an easy fix. If our mind stops us from moving well, we can simply rectify this by giving our mind a restriction.
  What we do is place 2 PVC pipes on either side of the foot as the athlete squats in their optimal squat position. Once this is done, they are restricted to that range in the landing position and mentally, they adapt to ideal positioning. This can be applied with the clean, the Jerk (using collars and kicking them) etc... The main point is, weightlifting is such a mental game and we can trick to mind to make our body a lot more efficient then we think.


Coach Sil

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