Small Things and Giants 

  • By Sil Bona
  • 01 Sep, 2017

Celebrate the small stuff

Small Things Can Be Giants

In training we celebrate our personal records "PR's" but we fail to celebrate the small things because often we compare ourselves with others. STOP and start comparing yourself to yourself. Our mantra is "Better Than Yesterday" not Better then Joe, or Sandy. So start comparing yourself to yourself and celebrate the small stuff.

This is powerful stuff as it will help with consistency, effort and it will make you a better person. How? Today a lady who has never done a 20" box jump attempted that damn thing at least a dozen times and failed. She built up to it and still failed. I noticed that when she was attempting an extra inch of jumping, which I knew she can easily get, her hart rate increased, her facial expiration changed, and she hesitated. This happens to all of us as there is always a limit but that was not hers.

I asked her to stop, come and sit and talk about what is affecting her in life. She shared that she doesn't think she's good enough. I think we all go through this feeling, myself included as i've struggled with inadequacy for a while. But we need to draw a line in the sand and believe that we're amazing. This starts with celebrating the small stuff. The small stuff is what keeps us enjoying our journey and keeps us committed to moving forward to what we need to accomplish. So if you're reading this blog, celebrate that as you're reflecting on how many "small things" you've done has shaped you in the amazing person you are today.


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