Why Take Your Shirt Off?

  • By Sil Bona
  • 31 Aug, 2017

Confidence and Inspiration 

The power of confidence can be a very powerful thing. Lately at the gym, I’ve seen several people take their shirts off who haven't for 3-4 years. This has led to others who are fairly new to also take their shirts off. You may think to yourself, why the hell is Coach Sil talking about taking shirts off? But hey, when people start feeling good about themselves, they make others feel more confident about their own bodies, accomplishments and habits.

So taking your shirt off is not showing off, it’s a sign of self love, confidence and celebration of your accomplishments. N6 Athletes have come so far in their journey and most of us don’t think we have. This is why i’ve been working really hard on implementing system where we can track our performance, lifts but also our physical and aesthetic results. Being consistent in the gym is key, and being consistent in tracking your progress is the next step. For example, we’ll be introducing consistent body fat testing on a monthly basis and this new system will NOT be extremely accurate as it has 3-5 + - % ranges depending on when you do it. (I'll explain when we start) However, this new system will be consistent! It will help you understand your progress and we will focus on the trends, and improvements NOT the actual number. Psychologically, like seeing a fellow athlete taking their shirt off, this will help you stay on track and continue weekly motivation.

So if you feel hot, take your shirt off, if you feel cold put on pants, I don’t really care. BUT realize that by being confident in your own skin doesn’t only effect you as an athlete, it effects everyone around you and no matter what you think you look like, you’re always going to inspire us.
So believe in yourselves, be confident in your effort not the way you think you look because if you ask any of the people in the pictures posted, they'd easily tell you they have a long way to go. We need to change our mindset and celebrate our performance, efforts and enjoy the journey. 


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