Why Physiotherapy is Essential

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  • 28 Dec, 2015
Physiotherapy has existed as a form of treatment for dysfunctions and disabilities for thousands of years. It is considered a key treatment in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from debilitating conditions as a result of accidents or diseases. It also…
What is physiotherapy?
According to the WCHPT (World Confederation for Physical Therapy), it is defined as the area of health responsible for promoting, developing, maintaining and restoring people’s maximum movement and functional ability throughout their lives. And as such, it fits perfectly into our functional fitness model at CrossFit N6.
It’s main interest and objective is to identify and maximise the quality of life and potential for movement of each person in the areas of promotion, prevention, treatment or intervention, in addition to adaptation and rehabilitation of health.
For physiotherapy, functional movement is essential for the person to be considered healthy.
The physiotherapist
When a person’s function or mobility is affected by pain, ageing, injury, disease, disability or long periods of inactivity, the physiotherapist is the health professional qualified to complete a full medical check up of the patient.
This check up focuses on the person as a whole, that is, the physiotherapist will consider not only the physical but also the psychological, emotional and social wellbeing of each patient with the view to reaching a diagnosis and developing the most appropriate treatment plan.
Thanks to their in-depth anatomical and physiological knowledge of the body and movement, the physiotherapist promotes wellbeing, mobility and independence in people of all ages.
The techniques used in physiotherapy today have evolved since the time of Hippocrates’ massages. Each area of physiotherapy intervention has its own specialised techniques and is based on scientific evidence. In today’s complex world, there are even physiotherapists specialised in just one area, and within that area, in some specific diseases (Parkinson’s, stroke, traumatic knee injuries, incontinence, etc.).
Areas of physiotherapy intervention
If you would like to address all areas of fitness and health, you can sign up for a FREE physiotherapy assessment that occurs at CrossFit N6 every two weeks. We provide the FREE assessment and all physiotherapy carried out at our gym is covered by your insurance (if you have coverage). Consistently maintaining and or improving your movement and therefore way of life is priceless, and we encourage all members to go through an assessment, and a progressive treatment plan that will keep you injury free, correct imbalances, and optimize physical health.
If you’re interested in an assessment, please contact us at contact@crossfitn6.com  for details as sports are limited to 12 people per month. 
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