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  • By silviub
  • 29 Jan, 2014
I’ve always been a supporter of eating well and only using supplements when needed. However working at a high intensity puts some serious hurt on your body. Using the right supplements can make your performance increase exponentially.  Pre and during…
BIOSTEEL performance drink is a great pre and during workout drink that will leave you feeling energetic, without any gitters as there is NO CAFFINE or SUGAR. A solid product that is tested for quality and guaranteed in it’s claims. Traditionally designed for Olympic and Professional athletes, this was designed to avoid any cross contamination with any band substance. It is now available to us so check it out at the front desk. 
“Sports Drink (Core Product – Before & During Excercise) – Natural Electrolyte and Amino Acid replacement drink. (No Sugar, No Caffeine)”
Top 10 reasons why you should consider Biosteel:
1. Canadian based company with the Cleanest and Highest grade quality ingredients available.
2. Known for clean tasting and flavourful product line.
3. Products are easily digestible and easily absorbed creating the most effective and advanced formulas on the market. (Products are all Gluten Free. Proteins are also Lactose Free. Sports Drink is Vegan and Diabetic friendly, no sugar no caffeine.)
4. Every production lot undergoes comprehensive product testing under “NSF” and “Informed Choice” to ensure the highest quality standards are met. With very little regulation of the supplement industry we pride ourselves on not partaking in false labelling of ingredients.
5. Biosteel will have consumers commit to the brand knowing what Biosteel stands for and knowing that what is on the label is actually in the product. Strong Loyalty behind the brand.
6. Products were created to provide a healthier and safer alternative to those currently available. We are the # 1 purchased products among professional and olympic sports and athletes in N.A. (these individuals are comfortable knowing why Biosteel products are far superior in terms of quality.)
7. Product line works to improve immune function, endurance, replenish muscle breakdown without the use of harmful stimulants or ingredients.
8. Products were never made for resale – they were specifically designed for the end user and for the demand of safe, high quality products, that could not be found elsewhere.
9. Biosteel is one of the only Sports Nutrition companies to have a vibrant and interactive social media presence with the most influential athletes and nutritional advocates in the world.
10. Biosteel has created a strong culture built around those who believe in quality over quantity.
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