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  • By Silviu Bona
  • 13 Aug, 2017

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Nutrition, it can be extremely specific, frustrating or basic. Everyone is an individual and as such we need to realize that nutrition is personal. Not every plan or approach is appropriate for the masses. At N6 we have several approaches.

1. Paleo Guide with a shopping list and recipes. This is great for people who need structure or have stomach issues like celiac.

2. A macro approach which is basically eating smart but having options. This is great for most as tracking fats, carbs and protein grams in every meal will simply get you amazing results. Now this is only if you commit yourself to the numbers you coach gives you.

3. Simple lifestyle habits. Depending on people's personalities, this may be the best and simplest option. For an example, if you cut out pop, or beer or wine, you'll get amazing results in 30 days.

Option number 3 has been my go to lately as new clients who need and want to make a change become paralyzed when given shopping lists, and meal plans. This goes against everything the industry believes, as well as what people think they need. Let me explain.

When someone starts working out and squatting 1/2 body weight, that's all they got. Eventually I want my clients to squat 1 - 1 1/2 body weight and my athletes 2 x bodyweight. Now if we treat nutrition the same way we treat lifting, then we're getting somewhere. When starting, don't jump into the deep end but make your way into the pool and walk into the shallow end. Beginners, regardless of experience in sports need to make 2-3 changes in nutrition at a time. Once they get some results, which they will, then they can get on the Macros (second option listed above) and progress to a nutrition approach that's a lot more focused.

The key to succeeding has several grooves: consistency, effort, knowledge (coaching), and planning. The reason most don't get the results they desire is because they leave out the that one groove on the key. Some try and do it on their own and don't get a coach, and as a result, accountability goes out the window. So consistency, effort and planning are gone as well. Get help and see a professional. At N6 we're not just fitness coaches we're fitness doctors, which means we take care of your personal health. We don't overreach and pretend to be experts in everything and will refer you to the best chiropractor, osteopath or massage therapist. But we have the best coaching staff around with some damn big hearts.


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