Why You Need a Coach

  • By Sil Bona
  • 13 Aug, 2017

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Why do you need a Coach? The picture on the left is a perfect example of tackling it on your own. Most of us are too proud, or stubborn to ask for help. This guy included. However, when it comes to our health this is the worst approach you can take. You don’t go to your friend, sister, etc… and ask them what you can do if you have an infection, you go to your doctor. So many make the mistake of thinking themselves experts and the reason behind this is not their fault, it is the abundance of information available to us today. But is this information quality, or is it junk? Most of it is junk! Look at the picture above asking you to go through a series of exercises that will help with “bad knees”. WHY WOULD YOU DO BICEPT CURLS OR BENT OVER LATERAL RAISES FOR YOUR BAD KNEES? SERIOUSLY? Our time is precious and one of my pet peeves is wasting my time or worse yet people wasting my time.

I get so many clients with this “diagnosis” and it’s almost never their knees. In my career I’ve seen one person who actually had bad knees and i’ve seen the X-rays. After a year of working at CrossFit N6, and doing some one on one work, she went to get surgery to correct the situation.

Client – Ok doc, i’m ready to go, when are we going to do this?

Doc – What the heck have you been doing? You don’t need surgery and we should cancel it. Look at your new x-rays! Your knee is healthy.

Client – Really? I can’t wait to tell my coach, he’ll be so proud of me.

This is one of my bright spots as a coach for sure but I treat every single client this way. We look at the problem, make a game plan and execute. It sounds simple but there’s a lot of work that goes into it, especially for the client as commitment and consistency are paramount.

Having a Coach or Personal Trainer who actually knows what he/she is doing and loves to help people can honestly change your life. How much is your life worth? Most who find themselves in a slump want to live and enjoy life but they feel like they’re not worth it. They’re not worth being helped and they certainly believe they’re not worth the $200/month membership or whatever your gym charges.

How do we make them believe they are as coaches? I like to find the greatness in people and this may take practice. Have a conversation with anyone and you will find greatness in them. We are all amazing as we’re God’s creation. – Yes, I do believe and God. Now if you look at yourself as an incredible creature possible of love that’s already great, and yes, it’s enough. So take care of yourself, your health and most importantly invest in yourself. There’s no value you can put on mental and physical health and having a coach is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

From the Heart,

Coach Sil
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